All EdgeStar products like Edgestar KC2000 are renowned and well-named

    Here you have a particular owner’s opinion on the KC2000:

    Really amazing. Easy to install, however I watch the Youtube tutorial cause the CO2 thing was a little tricky. It took me a little while setting the PSI, but I turn it to 14 and waited three or four minutes, then it started dispensing consistent beer instead of a mass of foam.”


    If you decide to buy a KC2000, I don’t think it would let you down.

    Since I was a student, I always dreamt of the time I could get a kegerator of my own. I was a sort of hooligan, so to think of having a machine that would serve 165 cold beers was the hell of a fantasy. Luckily or unluckily, now I can drink till I pass out at volition as a grown man with my own kegerator. Nobody can tell me dreams don’t come true.

    The theme of this Edgestar kc2000ss review is to look deep into the best-selling EdgeStar kegerator, the KC2000. This model is affordable, however cheap machines available are too good to be true. This model meets the needs of 85% of the buyers. It gets very cold, has a movable thermostat, and holds most full sized kegs. You’ll maybe need bit bigger model if you buy oversized Miller Coors kegs often. Besides that, this machine will probably meet your needs unless you’re just too picky.


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